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CORE and CORE+ Panels

Our CORE and CORE+ Panels offer great performing, cost effective treatment solution when a white finish is required. CORE/CORE+ panels are covered on the face and all sides with a classic white textured finish that resembles painted drywall. The CORE+ panel offers an additional 1/8” high density fiberglass facing for rooms like gymnasiums where the panels might be exposed to impact. Applications for these panels include restaurants, sales floors, houses of worship, multi-purpose rooms, and any other space that requires panels with a white finish.

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  • Core: 6-7 pcf fiberglass, 1″ or 2″ thick, + has 1/8″ high density fiberglass facing

  • Finish: White Texture

  • Sizes: Stocked options and custom sizes and shapes up to 4’x8′

  • Wall Mounting: rotofast snap-on anchors, impaling clips, adhesive,  z clips

  • Ceiling mounting: rotofast snap-on anchors, painted pucks, z clips, lay-in-grid

  • Edges: square or beveled, hardened

  • Flammability: All components have a Class A rating per ASTM E84