• The Flex-48 Adaptive Treatment System

    Conceived, designed, and built with flexibility in mind.

Three Components, Endless Possibilities

The Flex-48 Adaptive Treatment System (US Patent # 9,595,254) is comprised of three main components- a brushed stainless steel Flex-Tray, a laser radiused Flex-Shield, and a fabric wrapped FulFill Acoustical Panel, all made in the USA.

The interaction of these components yields passive absorption, barrel-type diffusion, and low frequency control in one elegant product. By utilizing or removing the Flex-shield, you’ll begin to create different sonic profiles within the same room instantly. It’s as easy as changing a mic. Shape your sound on demand per session, per track, to achieve desired results.

Absorption versus Diffusion?

Can’t decide how much diffusion versus absorption to add to your studio? Why decide if you don’t have to? With the Flex-48, have both, and open your studio to a wider, more diverse range of clients.

Before you reach for EQ, make sonic choices in your room. Instantly.

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