Panels + Hardware = Function

We designed the 3-Pack series with maximum flexibility in mind.

The 3-Packs Series feature our ready to ship FulFill™ Acoustical Panels in a convenient 3-Pack for either wall, ceiling, or corner mounting. The panels are 16″ x 48″ x 2″ with a beveled edge and are available in three (3) stocked colors from the Guilford of Maine Anchorage fabric line: Birch, Graphite, and Asteroid.

Pick your pack- wall, ceiling, or corner mounting, and put the treatment to work for you exactly how you need it. 3-Packs are perfect for spot treatment, as building blocks for your treatment goals, or as add-ons for our StudioAF™ Room Kit for a more complete solution.

3-Pack panels are also the same size as the panels that come in our innovative Flex-48™ Adaptive Treatment System and our StudioAF™ Room Kit.

Wall | Corner | Cloud — choose the treatment you need.

Wall 3-Pack

Wall 3-Packs address most of the first reflection points in your room.

-on the side walls at mix position

-behind mix position

-behind your studio monitor

The sleek design of the panels allows them to fit easily into available treatable areas in your room while giving the room a sense of height.

Each Wall 3-pack ships with (9) total impaling clips—three per panel for vertical or horizontal wall mounting.

Corner 3-Pack

Corner 3-Packs ship with mounting hardware required to mount the FulFill panels vertically across a 90-degree corner. Low-frequencies tend to build up in corners due to tangential modes.

We also include our Clear Discs for horizontal mounting where the walls and ceiling meet. This mounting method is beneficial to combat additional tangential modes, and it’s another typically available space where you can introduce more low-frequency control.

Corner 3-Packs ship with two corner bars, three impaling clips, six short wood screws to attach impaling clips to the corner bars, and two Clear Discs for horizontal mounting per panel.

Cloud 3-Pack

Cloud 3-Packs also address first reflection points, like our Wall 3-packs. The FulFill panels in this pack include mounting hardware to either suspend them from the ceiling in a cloud formation or direct mount them flat to the ceiling.

Place the panels halfway between your monitors and your seated mix position. You might also consider installing ceiling panels in high volume/velocity areas, such as above a drum set, or spread out evenly on the ceiling of a live room

Cloud 3-Packs ship with four Rotofast™ Cloud Anchors for suspended mount, two Clear Discs for a direct flat mount, and three impaling clips (just in case plans change and you need to wall mount) per panel.


  • Panel Core: 6-7 pcf fiberglass

  • Finish: Fabric, Guilford of Maine Anchorage Birch, Graphite, and Asteroid.
  • Size: 16″x48″x2″

  • Wall Mounting: Includes (3) impaling clips per panel

  • Ceiling Mounting: (4) Rotofast™ Cloud Anchors for suspended mount per panel and (2) Clear Discs for direct, flat mount per panel.

  • Corner Mounting: (2) Corner Bars, (3) impaling clips, (6) short wood screws for vertical mounting per panel, and additionally, (2) Clear Discs for optional horizontal corner mount per panel.

  • Edges: Beveled

  • Flammability: All components have a Class A rating per ASTM E84

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