IMAGE Panels

Our IMAGE panels allow you to truly customize your acoustical treatment providing the ultimate in design aesthetic. Using a process called dye-sublimation printing, we can provide high quality printing directly into the fabric while still maintaining acoustical performance of the panel. As long as your artwork matches our sizing and resolution requirements, we can print your own digital artwork, purchased stock photography, or artwork you have written consent to use. Our IMAGE panels unlock a wide range of design possibilities.

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  • Core: 6-7 pcf fiberglass, 1/2″-4″ thick

  • Finish: Custom image printed on fabric

  • Sizes: Custom sizes up to 4’x12′ or 5’x10′

  • Wall Mounting: rotofast snap-on anchors, impaling clips, adhesive,  z clips

  • Ceiling mounting: rotofast cloud anchors, z clips, lay-in-grid

  • Edges: square

  • Flammability: All components have a Class A rating per ASTM E84


  • Resolution: high resolution image, 150 dots per inch (DPI) at minimum (300 or 400 dpi preferred) at full size of image. Image resolutions below the minimum may appear blurry and show undesirable pixelation.

  • Size: Allow 1.5 times the panel thickness on all sides of the image to account for fabric wrapping of the panel. Example, for a 2″ thick panel, allow 3 inches beyond the panel face edge on all sides. E.g.: For a 16 x 48 panel with a 2” panel thickness,  add 3 inches per side, the artwork size should be at  22” x 54”. If the panel is 4 inches thick the artwork would be 28” x 60″

  • Formats: Preferred formats accepted are Illustrator vector files CS5 or higher, InDesign CS5 or higher, or image formats such as jpg, psd, tiff or pdf (PDF/X-1:2001) files.

  • Color conversion: Convert all images artwork to CMYK. If your artwork includes custom colors that need to be matched, we use the Pantone Matching System (PMS) for color referencing. When creating your files, please specify PMS spot colors to be matched.

  • Text: For images with text, please convert all fonts to outlines or curves. If this isn’t possible, please include font files with your submission.

  • File delivery: Please name the files clearly so as to easily match the files with the project.

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