Ask residents of Britton Falls in Fishers, Indiana, what they like most about living there, and the overwhelming answer is “the sense of community.”

Community is the cornerstone of the many amenities and activities offered at Britton Falls. Growing to over 1200 homes, they realized a facility dedicated to large gatherings was needed to host events- dances, concerts, fitness classes, conferences. They built The Villa to serve this purpose and immediately put it to use. It became clear, however, that the acoustics of the room was a problem. Word spread among the residents about the poor acoustics, and attendance to these functions declined.

A committee of residents brought in Haverstick Designs, an acoustical consulting firm based in Indianapolis, to help realize the intended use for The Villa fully. They conducted on-site testing to analyze the acoustical issues of the room and to make product recommendations to remedy the problem. They also took physical measurements of the room to provide to-scale drawings in their final report detailing exactly where to place the products for optimal results.

The final report recommended Acoustical Fulfillment CORE Ceiling Panels both for their performance and aesthetics. They would blend in perfectly with the drywall ceiling in The Villa. Britton Falls purchased the CORE panels and had them installed according to the drawings from Haverstick Designs.

The difference was dramatic. Word spread the installation was complete, and fitness classes resumed in the space. Participants readily commented on the marked improvement. The choir director moved rehearsals into The Villa to enjoy the excellent acoustics. Committees were no longer hesitant to book bands and different musical performances. They were now confident both the musicians and the audience would be happy with the room. The schedule for the room began to fill. As a committee member said, “Residents used to shy away from events at The Villa due to the poor acoustics; now, tickets sell out quickly.”

Through proper acoustical treatment, The Villa at Britton Falls is now the hub of the community, as intended. We wish them many happy music-filled events to come!

“Residents used to shy away from events at The Villa due to the poor acoustics; now, tickets sell out quickly.”

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