Transform your room into a venue.

FulFill Acoustical Panels

Custom sizes, elegant solutions.

FulFill Acoustical Panels provide excellent performance while maintaining your desired aesthetic. They are fully tailored and fabric wrapped. FulFill panels are a perfect choice for recording studios, mulit-purpose rooms, performance venues, houses of worship, restaurants, boardrooms, gymnasiums, and more. They also are the core component of our patented Flex-48 Adaptive Treatment System.
To find out how FulFill Panels best fit into your project, or to request a quote from a spec, please contact us.


Product details

Substrate: High Density Fiberglass (6-7 PCF) with Chemically Hardened Edges

Fabric Finish: Guilford of Maine FR701-Style 2100 standard, custom options available

Nominal Sizes: Max 48″ Width x Max 120″ Height

Thicknesses: 3/4″, 1″, 1.5″ 2″ Nominal

Edge Detail: Square, Full Bevel Radius, Half Bevel

Mounting: Impaling clip/adhesive, Two part clips